“I’ve been an executive recruiter for over 20 years and Bob Marshall's training is BY FAR the best system I've ever seen for our industry.” 

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A guided online masterclass to help you reach your next level

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 "Bob almost became a 'cult' figure as people around the country heard of him--of what he had to contribute. He is rare. He is unique. He is different. And for each one of you , who has not heard his approach to recruiting, this will be a memorable day you will never forget.” 
Probably the best recruitment trainer of my lifetime. Bob's training literally paid for itself within weeks."

- Alan Schonberg,
  Founder Management Recruiters  

- Cheryl Hood
    Independent Recruiter  

- John Feyman
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Master your recruiting and business skills Learn the pitfalls to avoid and the path to profitability. Empower your peers and your staff to achieve new levels of success. Invest in your future  - get started today.          

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the same training the top recruiting firms in the country have used for years at a fraction of the cost.

Downloadable worksheets,  documents, forms and essential material to help keep your recruiting business growing and profitable.

Insight into some of the most brilliant recruiters in the industry as they discuss ongoing topics that are crucial to making the best decisions possible.

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A guided online 

masterclass to help you reach your next level

What do I get with

the masterclass?